Here at the Physical Therapy & Sports Injury Clinic we use a hands on treatment approach including a wide variety of manual techniques to correct the clients strain patterns and posture. 

These include: soft tissue and deep tissue massage, joint mobilizations, muscle energy techniques, neuromuscular techniques, spinal and other joint manipulation and stretching. These techniques, when applied correctly are safe, gentle, effective and suitable for patients of all ages.

Sessions generally last 45 minutes, with a cost of €60 per session* 

*Cranial Therapy and Infant Cranial Therapy sessions last 45 mins with a cost of €60

**Special Mum & Baby Offer – €90

We offer variety of treatments here at the Physical Therapy & Sports Injury Clinic, if you are not sure what kind of treatment you require, please get in touch and we can advise you based on your symptoms.

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